This is the most beautiful place in the world. Coron Palawan in the Philippines is not only beautiful but it has secrets hidden behind the mountains including a giant sea monster, Kayangan lake and twin lagoon. Get the 5 Hot Tips to Philippines (FREE):
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Nov, 2017

7 thoughts on “MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE ON EARTH – Coron Philippines

  1. Yeah right it is “God’s chosen land” for Adam and Eve.. Ever wonder why the Mariana trench was connected to the Philippines? Because its the land of creation! Just recently the Biggest caldera on earth found on the dept of Benham rise. The remarkable and uniqueness of Tubbataha reef is simply jaw dropping and you would just praise God for His enormous creation. Some folklore said, Noah’s family descent from this land. Before his family multiplied in the mid east, europe, africa. The tree he used as Ark was a Narra tree. (The Philippines national tree.)THAT’S THE REASON WHY THE OTTOMAN ISLAMIC SCHOLARS CAME HERE TO SEARCH & FOUND THE FIRST LAND OF CREATION OF ADAM (SULU/TAWI-TAWI) AND THEN THE SPANISH came but found nothing.. You have to visit the southern part like sulu sea, tawi_tawi and basilan and you’ll be amaze what lies there..

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