Why is this the BEST airport in the world? (Changi Singapore)

It’s no secret that the Changi airport in Singapore is the BEST airport in the world but what makes it so special? We had to find out so we traveled here just to see the airport. Get started today with NordVPN: https://nordvpn.com/lostleblanc (Coupon code: lostleblanc)

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7 thoughts on “Why is this the BEST airport in the world? (Changi Singapore)

  1. It is a nice and efficient airport with a glitzy mall attached to it. Who likes to stay in an airport for a long hours? Unless you like shopping then you have your mall there. I do not like airport and malls at all unless i have a need to be there. Another thing Singapore is Boring as per Singaporeans who moved to Canada. It might be modern and spruce up but Singaporeans stated that it has no soul.

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