How Mark Cuban Spent $4.2 Billion

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is one of the wealthiest people in America. Worth - $4.1 billion, he can afford what he wants, when he wants it, spanning everything from elegant French chateaus to fancy private jets, Vegas mega-parties, and sleek supercars. These days, the incredibly successful entrepreneur boasts more money than any one person could spend, however, getting to this point wasn't easy. So, how did the billionaire rise through the ranks? How does the deep-pocketed man splash his cash? Time to find out. Make your splash with something the average person can do here:

7 thoughts on “How Mark Cuban Spent $4.2 Billion

  1. If I woke up a billionaire tomorrow, I would damn well drop atleast 40% of that on taxes lol, but with the remaining 600 million, I would most likely buy several properties under $500k and 2 or 3 worth $20 million or less. The properties under $500k would be rented out to my friends and their families, while the money earned from them would go to a charity that has to do with dogs. And for the properties over 20 million, I’ll use them as vacation homes and a place for my closest friends to live.

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