we messed up.

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7 thoughts on “we messed up.

  1. I cant wrap my head around how people would get mad about this. I started watching from the Trans Siberian Railroad video. Once I catch up I will go back from the beginning. Love your videos! Keep it up! I am soooo hooked.

  2. The apology is too much. Hope the people who are overacting for just $1, which they worked hard to deserve will feel a bit signed of yourselves. What they do is definitely difficult, if they stop creating videos trust me, it’s our loss.

  3. NO YOU DID NOT MESS UP. No need to apologize, seriously. I have no patience with people taking ownership of something that they are not entitled to. Urgh! You guys are great! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  4. Anyone who was upset or “hurt” by your pay-what-you-can model are trolls and are being unfair. The work and content you have provided for free to all of your viewers is more than enough and you shouldn’t be sorry for that work. I am sorry that they made you feel that way. This video should not have been necessary regardless of the feedback you got from a small fraction of your viewers. We appreciate you! Thanks for the hours of entertainment and meaningful conversations that you have fostered in my household! <3

  5. No apologies needed for me, your both amazing at what you do, hold your heads up high, keep up the amazing work, and hopefully one day we’ll somehow cross paths, if I’m honest I don’t really know why people have been upset about, I don’t even need to know, keep up the amazing work

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