Exposing Fake Martial Artists

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7 thoughts on “Exposing Fake Martial Artists

  1. Yi Long might not be a shaolin monk but dude actually knows how to fight cuz he trained in kickboxing and honestly, kickboxing is waaay scarier than shaolin kung fu. so yeah hed kick ass and has actually kicked ass cuz his kickboxing record is 63-12

  2. not sure why everyone HATES on Seagal. He is a MASTER of AIKIDO. Sure he is a prick to work with. He got old like we all do (unless you DIE like Bruce did), he got fat like many of us do as we age and he lost most of his hair, like most men do. His early movies were very entertaining, not so much the last 15 he made. I do respect what he accomplished in his martial arts career.

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