Flying from Denmark to Mexico (we need a break)

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7 thoughts on “Flying from Denmark to Mexico (we need a break)

  1. Denmaaaaark! 😁 My HOME! And then our hospitality takes such a nose dive in most public transport were on strike that day! You should have called me 😁 and I would have taken you on a personalized tour AND driven you to the airport 😁 hope to see you in Denmark in real life some day 🙏🏻 I know we can do better 😉 we, as in Denmark, we 😁 thanks for all the great videos you upload 🙏🏻 where can I read more about your way of life as you show in your videos?

  2. So for your information… Normally if we travel, we take with us some small tubes with a “washing paste” with us… You just need warm water and can then wash your clothes in their… It doesn’t clean your clothes as usual but at least it does a little bit 😉

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