Day 5 | Everest Base Camp Trek

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7 thoughts on “Day 5 | Everest Base Camp Trek

  1. This would take so much effort alone, but y’all are setting up cameras and all kinds of stuff on top of it. Hats off to y’all! P.s. I’m your neighbor kind of! Lol I live in Cleveland tennessee, beside chattanooga. You guys need to come rafting at the ocoee River if you’ve never been! Come with high country adventures and ask for Cody Poole! He is my husband and is a white water raft guide, I work in the store! And even if you don’t want to raft, come see the ocoee and where they did the olympics years ago. Plus just everything around it is absolutely beautiful! Many hiking trails, water falls, views. You’d love it

  2. Great information! I like how you narrated the video. The only small downside, Kera/Kara’s voice was a little annoying. Maybe less time on her and more on just documenting. But, i get that you’re a young couple. One day, I hope to trek Base camp on Everest, too. Thank you for the vlogs.

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