The Most Terrifying Celebrity Fan Obsessions

Celebrity Worship Disorder an obsessive-addictive condition in which an individual becomes overly involved with the information of a celeb's personal life. There is a fine line between admiration and obsession, also when one starts to explore into foreign territory, it can only end badly! It's easy to get wrapped up in the lives of the rich and famous as we feel like we learn more about them personally through their music, movies, and talk show appearances. However we often typically forget that working in the entertainment industry is a job just like any other, and our favourite celebrities actually are just as normal and ordinary as you and I. It's wonderful to appreciate what they do and support their art, it's even completely normal to have that occasional fantasy, but it is NOT okay to stalk and harass a celebrity and also try and make that fantasy a reality. When you start to deceive yourself into thinking that by imposing yourself on a celebrity, you'll at some point win them over. Houston; we have a problem! Jennifer Aniston is most definitely not going to think it's sexy when you hunt her down halfway across the country and also Drake isn't going to love you because you got his name tattooed on your face. There is absolutely nothing worse than your favourite celebrity remembering you for the wrong reasons and also depend on us, you don't want to end up being the laughing stock in their future memoir! Perhaps take the time to write them a nice fan letter sharing your views, or give them a respectable compliment if you're lucky enough to meet them in person, they'll never forget how calm, collected and captivating you were! It's far more worth it to be remembered as the cool fan than the crazy one! Create your own succes and wealth here. To learn more click this link ==>

7 thoughts on “The Most Terrifying Celebrity Fan Obsessions

  1. back in senior high I used to have a crush on Owen Wilson, I asked permission to my parents if I could send him a letter since he has no social media account. Like rly I haven’t done anything I was only like ‘mom can I send a letter, like a physical letter to him?’ then I got scolded for 3 days straight just because my parents think it is a scam. I got over him quickly, before that I have always been ‘phobic’ to guys since I got bullied by boys a lot, at that time I just finally think having a celeb crush is a pain in the ass.

    Now I am studying abroad, just last year I started to have a crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. My parents are quite overprotective so I was forbidden to do the things that usually my friends could like using earphones or hanging out at a friend’s house (including fellow female’s houses, except for school’s group works) so since I am away from my family and have more freedom in the frst 3 months of being out from my parent’s house I sent 3 letters to him (I know he won’t reply, but I’m doing it anyways for the sake of rebelling), all of them including a cursive-written letter with colorful border and one fanart (first time I requested an autograph tho, and third one includes a birthday card since it was his b’day).

    Moreover since I am a lazy person all 3 times I sent the letters at the same post office. Not sure but probably the staffs friggin recognizes me. If possible I wanna go back to 10 months ago, give my past self a good old slap and holler in her ear to NOT do it, like really I wanna cringe and yeet myself out of existence just from remembering this.

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