Inside Drake's $100 Million Dollar Mansion

Drake could have started at the bottom, yet he's virtually made his way to the top. The millionaire rap artist may not be a billionaire yet, nevertheless that didn't stop him from investing $100 million on a brand new custom-designed estate called "The Consular office." Drake spent years developing his brand-new home and also you can absolutely notify. The mansion includes a guideline dimension basketball court, a granite indoor pool with a blacklight, a modern-day recording workshop as well as lounge, and also a two-story enormous wardrobe with diamond engraving And that's not even half the home! The business or property likewise has a 10 vehicle garage to conserve Drake's car collection-- which is worth some serious funds. Nevertheless Drake's premium lifestyle doesn't stop with his Toronto estate. He's additionally obtained an estate in LA, he runs his very own organization called OVO, as well as he has a $185 million exclusive aircraft to aid him in getting around. Establish that with his show collection worth various hundreds of dollars and his love for fine watches that similarly set you back numerous hundreds of dollars and also you have a superstar who's continuously dressed to impress. Since Drake has a youngster to provide for, two-year-old Adonis, the extravagant celebrity is finding new ways to spend his cash. The house also has a ten vehicle garage to conserve Drake's car collection-- Drake has made significant rap albums that struck the top of the billboard charts, and he's made over $150 million United States bucks! Most of which he blew on his huge estate! Upgrade your lifestyle and live a fraction of your own freedom: ==>

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