Tokyo is DELICIOUS! Noodles & Shibuya Crossing

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7 thoughts on “Tokyo is DELICIOUS! Noodles & Shibuya Crossing

  1. Been there a couple of times as I worked for Tomy Toys when they were the #2 toy company in the world. You did a fantastic job of showing the feel of Tokyo in a very short amount of time — especially the pedestrian crossings and elevators!

  2. Dear Kara and Nate,
    My name is Zara and I’m in year 6 and I live in Australia. I’m not sure if you new, but Australia has recently been put back into lockdown for another 6 weeks. All though I still have to do online learning I’ve been obsessed with your videos and during lockdown and I have set myself a challenge. Which if you think about it isn’t that big of a challenge more like a goal. But anyways, my goal is to watch all your videos from your first all the way to your most recent! I’ve already watched majority of your videos but I feel like I’m missing a few pieces. So this way I will have a better understanding of you and your journey I’m so excited! Every video I am commenting this exact message in hope that you will maybe notice. If you do it would be my dream if you could even just like my comment so that I know that I’m not writing this for no reason! Anyways I love your videos so so so so so much and can’t wait!
    -Zara xx

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