What Happens Next? | Life & Travel In An Uncertain World

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7 thoughts on “What Happens Next? | Life & Travel In An Uncertain World

  1. You guys taught me how to pack for my first trip as a teenager before I even told my parents I was leaving. How to prepare and what not to forget. And to have fun. I remember feeling so anxious because I had no idea how to tell my parents (they’re very controlling: I was a fresh adult and I basically had to order myself to say that I was TELLING them that I was definitely going, not ask for permission. It was very messy.) that I was leaving, and I was very nervous because I had never gone anywhere that far on my own before – even though it was still in my own country – but simply looking up how to pack for a trip and travel tips really eased my mind about it whenever I started to overthink. And watching your travel videos inspired me so much and was such a good escape from everything.

    I had no idea how to do anything; how to book tickets, make an itinerary, plan for the days. It all seemed so huge and scary and impossible. Hell, I secretly created my own bank account alone just because of that trip, which was only a 4 hour train ride away!!! I decided to maybe start with what I would take with me. So I went off and bought a simple 15€ 40L backpack from Decathlon and it has been my faithful travel companion ever since, I’ve never gone on a trip without it EVER and the 10 year guarantee is nearly halfway through! Backpacking only!

    Obviously I overpacked like CRAZY for that trip, but this girl would 100% carry that absolute unit of a backpack all over again if she had to repeat that first taste of independence. Your channel truly helped me figure out the most important steps that I could take towards freedom (financial control – responsibility – preparation – a whole shitload of guts) , so I am incredibly grateful and beyond thankful for your dedication to it. I’m proud to say that I have now been to two other different countries (money is still tight – but I always budget!) several times over the years, and my backpack still looks and feels brand new! I know it’s not much, but it sure makes a hell of a difference to me and that is what matters the most. I really like taking good care of my travelling gear.

    Nowadays I already know what to take with me, and my personal rule is to whenever I finish packing, ALWAYS remove 50% of it. A half-full backpack gives me the joy of being able to bring home another half backpack of memories (even if that’s just a whole bunch of foreign candy!). Travel makes me so, so happy! And if it wasn’t for YOUR easy-going nature and smart planning, I might’ve never stuck around, gotten hooked and discovered that.

    Good luck you two, thank you for everything and stay healthy! To better days and safer travels in the future!

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