were just trying to get home.

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7 thoughts on “were just trying to get home.

  1. Glad to see you being a good example for travellers. I was in Spain, trying to get back to BC at the time as well. Took flights through London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt just to get back to Canada.

  2. hi. I’m an Indonesian living in Switzerland. I know how it feels because my mother experienced exactly the same as yours. She was in Indonesia on vacation and suddenly had to come back to Switzerland as soon as possible. And all the flights were already booked. she had to buy a new ticket. but yeah, I’m just really grateful that she could come back safely. just hoping that everything can go back to normal again and you can visit Switzerland again.

  3. I caught it on Guam from a business partner who caught it at CES in Vegas in January. That was type A. The March outbreak was type B. It sucks, but the more infected, the more herd immunity we can get. I carry the antibodies bro, I’ll give you a smooch so you won’t get sick. haha.

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