We Slept in 15 of the World’s Most UNIQUE “Hotels” (amazing accommodations!)

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7 thoughts on “We Slept in 15 of the World’s Most UNIQUE “Hotels” (amazing accommodations!)

  1. I live in Loveland, CO just down the hill from RMNP and look at Longs Peak every day. I’ve also summited 9 of the 58 Fourteeners. I cannot believe you guys decided to do Longs as your very first! 😂 Ok, so you weren’t new to summitting at altitude, so that’s good. But I’d never recommend Longs as one for first-timers. Yup— the coming down off a 14er is always harder than going up. I was kinda chuckling when you were very celebratory at the top, thinking, “They didn’t go down, yet.” After you do a few, you learn to celebrate a little for getting to the peak but can consider it really finished until you’re all the way down. Lots of good life lessons and metaphors in summitting a 14er. I miss climbing them. I’m *probably* done with them. My last was many years ago and I don’t plan to do any more. You brought back good memories with this one! It was cool to see how well-marked it was, too. Not all of them are that way and you need topo maps and maybe a guide who’s been up before. Very cool video! Thank you for doing this one! 👍🏼👍🏼

  2. You spent the night where my favorite space movie was filmed. It was about a guy who got Trapped on Mars and had to live there while growing plays in poop. It is the best space movie ever. I cant remember what its called

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