Introducing Teslas Military Cybertruck

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7 thoughts on “Introducing Teslas Military Cybertruck

  1. Wow!!! Cybertruck to be used in the military fleet. Just how reliable is the cybertruck so if it goes beyond enemy lines and loses power the operator will have to Google the next Tesla Supercharger stations and hope not to be killed or ambushed while charging. What if the military doesn’t agree to only Tesla to repair or maintain it’s cybetruck fleet? Is Elon going to remove it’s supercharging capabilities. No doubt have a small fleet. And still maintain what the military already has.
    In regards to the future if the computers will take over the world, you’re not safe in a Cybertruck, because the vehicle is computerized and can be controlled once it’s firewall is compromised, it will turn the Cybertruck into a weapon against the humans. Or if the enemy hacks into the U.S. Pentagon computer defense system , they will be able to pin point where the cybertrucks location and ambush the Fleet or listen in to what the operatives are planning what a dead give away. I’d prefer the Hummer less electronics.

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