INSIDE The Top 7 Most Incredible MEGA MANSIONS in America

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7 thoughts on “INSIDE The Top 7 Most Incredible MEGA MANSIONS in America

  1. Here it is! A list of the TOP most incredible properties that we have filmed over the past two years on my YouTube channel. Comment below which Mansion is your favorite and why! Hope everyone out there is healthy and safe – Erik

  2. I know it’s a slim chance but you never know. I’m gonna offer $50k for each one of the properties. Hopefully I land one of them. Wish me luck guys! 😶

  3. I don’t even know how to get this much money. Like even if I get a job where I make 40 per hour. So say like 8 hrs a day. That’s like 320 a day. So about 1600 a week and about 7500 a month(I’m way to lazy to math for a YouTube comment no one sees lmao) so let’s just say even if I’m able to make 10000 a month that’s still only 120000 a year before tax… that’s at least 10 years just for a million if I spend nothing. Like?? I don’t know what I’m missing.

  4. Omg my cousins and I and my sis will be living together and so we build our dream mansion and we saw the last one and it haded a movie Theater,a spa and a gym

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