How we afford to travel! – explained at McDonalds

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7 thoughts on “How we afford to travel! – explained at McDonalds

  1. How I wish I can travel same like u both guys all the countrys u been travel already this is also the country I’m dreaming off… safe guys watching ur videos always but I’m always feel jealous πŸ˜†βœŒοΈπŸ˜†

  2. Heads up to people that the minimum spends on the credit cards to get all the bonus miles is usually thousands and thousands of dollars for each as mentioned with the $3000 minimum spend on just one card. They are not “free miles” and you probably would save more by booking a round-the-world type ticket.

  3. Wow.. This is newbie Julie again.. your ehmm more seasoned new subscriber from Canada. This video grabbed my full attention. Loved it! Makes me want to sign up for such cards and go travel for two months.. except I won’t right now because of COVID situation. It’s all your fault I’m antsy! Thannnks a lot! πŸ˜‰

  4. Flying economy to Japan but using 25k miles doesn’t seem worth it when you can get a one way for around 500 dollars or so during off peak seasons ..
    Also 4:52 you said it costs 100 per person. But you only had 10,000 miles left.

    To be honest, the amount of money you are spending in order to meet the minimum to get the rewards are only worth it if you use it for certain places. Sure you are just using your card for everyday expenses, but all these cards have a 1k minimum spending in order to get the rewards. I would say you’re spending a lot to get a small reward back if that’s your strategy.

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