How Our Lives & Channel are Changing in 2020

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7 thoughts on “How Our Lives & Channel are Changing in 2020

  1. Found your channel by watching Julie Nolke’s video from a youtube global camp she vlogged about a couple of years ago. So cool to see you guys have reached 1mil subs! I look forward to watching all of your videos!
    Amazing how you guys made this video before the pandemic. Such a time to make a shift. I believe God has a plan for you guys no matter what the circumstances. You’re both creators so I know you guys will create something during this time.
    Or maybe this is a time to just breathe and be still. Much love and blessings!!!

  2. HELP!! My daughters will both be graduating soon, when will be 18 from high school one will be 21 from college. They want to take a journey by themselves. Where do you suggest I send them? They are clever girls, but not world travelers, however I want them to experience the world in a safe exploration. Would love to hear your insight.

  3. I would say that everyone in my circled friends don’t have TV of if they have it they don’t turn it on at all. This is the Golden Age of Youtube or movies on internet, not on TV.

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