1000 DAYS OF TRAVEL TOGETHER (Where to next?)

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7 thoughts on “1000 DAYS OF TRAVEL TOGETHER (Where to next?)

  1. You guys are cute together. How many countries have you travelled? I been to: France, Spain (I spent a few months here and I was lucky to travelled everywhere, including the Canary Islands, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Fiji, Australia, Croatia, Greece, Italy many times. I travelled Italy probably from corner to corner, but I love love Sicilia, Mexico like Cabo, and many states within the country, USA 10 states, The Caribbean, Belgium, Ireland, UK, London and many other places, I know im forgetting places, I wish I had done a blog. Each time I travelled I stay for about 8 to 10 weeks at a time. I love taking my time to really enjoy the culture, the people, the food, and so on. Turkey is my least favorite. It was strange and difficult to travel there. People are not nice to Americans in Turkey.

    Which has been your favorite place?

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