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7 thoughts on “10 CREATIVE AT HOME PHOTOS and VIDEOS (Anyone Can Do!)

  1. Milk baths are traditionally done by satanic influence which is why a lot of celebrities do them. I’m sure you hy she didn’t know that when she poured the milk lol but just thought I’d tell you anyway… other than that great work (:

  2. About the colorfull drop recreation, you need to fonuc on the reflection of the droplets.. NOT the droplets nor the colorfull object, you need to focus on the REFLECTION OF THE DROPLETS 😉 should work

  3. It would be great ir You put subtitles in Spanish :> I don’t know English,I only my friend,Google.
    I saw Kati’s video, they are both very good Youtubers (sorry ir there are misspellings le a word is wrong, anyway this comment is going yo be lost among the others) Wow, I had a hard time writing this ;-; bye.

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